Let it Grow Video by MONAT

Let it Grow by MONAT

Does watching your slow-growing hair have you down and out? Could you use an easy, breezy, two-step process that will quickly have you rejoicing over the sudden abundance of free-flowing locks? With a simple tip of the shampoo bottle, you too could be whistling a joyous tune as you simply sit back and just let it all grow. So, you've popped more biotin supplements than you can remember, and you've done growth treatments to no avail. On their quest for Rapunzel-worthy hair, most people forget that the scalp is where growth actually begins. Introducing an easy-to-use two-part system designed to plant the seeds for long, lovely locks.

Key Ingredients:
PROCATALINE™: Helps maintain healthy levels of antioxidants in follicles to combat premature thinning while protecting color and shine.
CAPIXYL™: Helps reduce scalp inflammation, strengthens and thickens hair while stimulating natural growth.
REJUVENIQE™: MONAT's own proprietary blend of unique oils containing essential powerfully active botanical ingredients.
CRODASORB™: absorber that helps protect hair from sun damage.
INGREDIENTS LISTING: See individual product for product-specific ingredients.

To learn more about the Let It Grow System, please contact Danica Larsen, a Market Partner with MONAT Global. www.danicalarsen.com or danicalarsen.mymonat.com

Danica Larsen Dennis is a professional photographer and a Market Partner for Monat Global

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