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MONAT Systems:
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HYDRATION SYSTEM: Three steps; that's all it takes to get your hair back to good. If your hair is missing the luster it once had, Hydration System will restore it to its bouncy, shiny, and vibrant state. Includes: Renew Shampoo, Restore Leave-In-Conditioner, Replenish Masque

VOLUME SYSTEM: Actions speak louder than words. Lucky for you, our Volume Treatment System delivers. The perfect match for fine, limp hair, this system boosts hair's density, strength, and manageability. Maximize your individual strand potential with products designed to amplify the oomph. Includes: Revive Shampoo, Revitalize Conditioner, and Reshape Root Lifter

MAGNIFY SYSTEM: Whether your hair problem is greasiness, tangled tresses, or pesky flyaways, give it a little “Om” and a little oomph, too, with our Magnify Treatment System. Includes: Renew Shampoo, Revitalize Conditioner, and Moxie Magnifying Mousse

STYLIZED System: Creates consistent and lasting hold for a variety of hairstyles while supporting the natural regrowth of the hair. Includes: Refinish Control Hairspray, Tousled Texturing Mist, and Restyle Instant Sculpting Taffy

LET IT GROW System: On their quest for Rapunzel-worthy hair, most people forget that the scalp is where growth actually begins. Introducing an easy-to-use two-part system designed to plant the seeds for long, lovely locks. Includes: Intense Repair Treatment Shampoo and Intense Repair Treatment

THE BLACK SYSTEM: MONAT BLACK System is designed for all styling needs.
Sleek and stylish. Shockingly sophisticated. A new standard in grooming essentials that couples perfectly with an air of unapologetic arrogance towards old-fashioned hair standards. Includes: Monat Black Shampoo+Conditioner, Monat Black Groom Styling Clay, Monat Black Cream Shave, Black Aftershave + Moisturizer

THE MONAT JUNIOR LINE: The MONAT Junior line treats your children's unique hair, which is naturally finer and more fragile than adults' hair.
Plus, the line's highly concentrated formulas allow you to use less product to get the job done. The MONAT Junior products are tear-, sulfate– and paraben-free, safe and gentle for children ages one to nine. Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested. Includes: Junior Gentle Shampoo, Junior Gentle Conditioner, and Junior Gentle Detangling spray

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