the easy part is posing and clicking. the challenge is to capture images that show personality...doing that is what yeilds the most Cherished images. - Danica


I am a mom of 4 wonderful children. Although I am new to the area, I have been a professional photographer for 15 years, specializing in capturing family & children. My number one goal is to capture images of your family that show your unique dynamic and personality. With the goal of capturing authentic moments, making you feel comfortable in front of my lens (especially Dads) is a priority. I like to have fun at sessions and can get a little crazy trying to make your little ones laugh.

My favorite images are always the natural moments. It is these types of pictures that really tell the story of your family dynamic. I hope to capture you just as you are so you can remember this time in your life for years and generations to come. 

During a Photo session, the only job I give parents is to relax & enjoy it! I will do all of the hard work! I will give a lot of direction during the session so you will know exactly what to do. Children match your energy, so if you are having fun and showing them how much you love them, they will show you the same in return. 

"I always find beauty in the things that are odd and imperfect. 
they are much more interesting" -marc jacobs